Directors - 2021 - 2023: Kyle McVay, Peggy Schriner, Frank Francis, Rosa Southard,  Dr. Mary Baker and Jane Callahan. Associate directors: Anna Wharton and Kim Davis

Castroville Nip and Tuck was incorporated on November 29, 2005. Our original mission was to provide low cost spay and neuter services to citizens living in the 78009 zip code area.  The organization first raised their money by sponsoring the City Wide Yard Sale which is held twice a year (1st Saturday of June and November).  The monies collected from residents who sign up to be on the city wide map (donated by Castroville State Bank) & donated items sold the day of the sale at the Barnyard Peddler has been one of their main fundraisers.  They do all the advertising to promote the sale and appreciate those who sign up.  The group also sponsors a Silent Auction in April with all proceeds going to the spay and neuter program. Because we started out with limited funds, our organization has limited its outreach to spay and neuter vouchers that can be taken to local veterinarians who have generously agreed to participate in the program. Since our inception our Spay & Neuter Program has been able to expand to all in Medina County due to receiving grants from The San Antonio Area Foundation - Aid to Helpless Animals / Animal No Kill Fund and The Summerlee Foundation.  The local participating Veterinarians along with the SNAP's organization of San Antonio make it possible! 

Castroville is located approximately 15 miles west of San Antonio. Although the city of Castroville is considered middle income, the surrounding area includes many economically disadvantaged families. Nearly 50% of the students in the Medina Valley lSD, the local school district, claim free or reduced lunch. As a result, most of the animals owned by these families are never spayed or neutered and are often allowed to roam with little resistance. Because of this, the animals are allowed to proliferate freely. We estimate that about 24,000 dogs and cats live in our area. 

Like many areas, Castroville and its surrounding areas are dealing with a major animal overpopulation problem. Because it is rural, it is a popular "dumping ground" for unwanted animals. The City of Castroville operates a 72-hour holding facility for stray animals.

If you want to adopt an animal consider one of these dogs and cats that need homes and someone to love them and care for them. You will also find contact numbers for other local shelters on our "Links" page. 

Castroville Nip and Tuck is supervised by a Board of Directors. In the photo they are celebrating a grant they received last year from the San Antonio Area Foundation Aid to Helpless Animals Trust (http://www.saafdn.org). They plan on applying for more grants so that they may help more people take responsible care of their animals and try to minimize the number of unwanted and abandoned animals that are left to suffer. 

In the photo, original board members in 2005 are (1-r), Peggy Schriner, Kyle McVay, Virginia Keefer, Dr. Deborah Queen holding Blanca, and Kathleen Bachus. Original board members

Castroville Nip and Tuck can be reached at: 830-931-2525