Spay & Neuter Clinics

Current Clinic

October 29, 2019   Natalia

You need to purchase your voucher in advance in order to participate  

Every  Thursday's  from 10 - 4 pm I'll be signing up for the current clinic @

                           The Curious Interest Antique shop on Hwy 90 & corner of Angelo
                                                   In Castroville - ( across from Quick Lube )

                                      You pay $50 - fill out the paper work - I will give you a receipt
                            which guarantees that your dog or cat will be spayed or neutered by the clinic.
                                                  This will also include their rabies shot. 
                                 Any additional services are paid by you at the time of the appointment.

Spay and neuter clinics for dogs and cats are held in several locations in Medina County throughout the year.

 To qualify for the low cost Spay & Neuter Program :

(1) Must be a Medina County resident
(2) Be on a low or fixed income
(3) Have rescued the animal

To take your pet to one of the clinics to be spayed or neutered all participants must be signed up ahead of time and purchase a $50 voucher before the clinic date from Castroville Nip & Tuck (even when using the Veterinarians). A schedule for the current year is found on our website. Each clinic has limited spaces so contact us as soon as possible.

      To sign up for a clinic or to obtain addition information:

                                                                                                         Contact : Kyle McVay   830 - 931 - 2525