Bundled report and financial documents containing:
- Jan 8,2019 Agenda 2018 End of Year Meeting
-Oct 9, 2018 3rd Quarterly Meeting Minutes
-3rd Quarter 2018 Balance Sheet
-2018 Year End Assets and Balance Sheet

Grants have been submitted to : 
San Antonio Area Foundation and The Summerlee Foundation.
Results for these grants will not be know until 2020.

Also the cities of Castroville, Devine, Hondo, Lacoste, Natalia, & Medina County have been asked to offset a $12,000 deficit by contributing $2,000 each to Castroville Nip & Tuck to continue the year round Spay & Neuter Program for all qualified Medina County residents. These results will not be available to each of the cities have completed/approved their budget for the coming year. This is usually finished by mid September. We have serviced the residents of these cities for the past 10 years and this is the "first" time we've asked for their support. I'll keep you posted !
Up Date: The cities of Castroville & Natalia have both budgeted the $2,ooo we requested to help with our program. waiting to hear back from 
                                          Lacoste, Devine , and Medina County.
The city of  HONDO  turned us down - citing they already provide a service to their citizens.