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- Caring for a Pet

Pets have so much to offer us: love, companionship, play, exercise, protection, service ... but they need the same from us. Having a pet is having responsibility. Pets need to be cared for. Some of their needs are simple: fresh food and water, protection from heat and cold, love and companionship. Some of their needs, are more complex, like training; and some, like veterinary care, can be expensive.

In the photo Pamela Higdon and her beloved service dog, Claire, are celebrating the trophy they helped win as part of the Nip and Tuck entry in the 2007 Castroville Fourth of July Parade. The internet has many sites that offer advice on training and caring for pets. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the ASPCA, has information on caring for your pets:

The Humane Society site offers advice on such topics as "What to do when your kitten plays too rough:' "Finding a lost pet:' and "Disaster planning can save your pet in an emergency." It also has information on "Myths and facts about spaying and neutering."

For an entire library on pet care and pet health, covering subjects from arthritis to skin care, socializing puppies, to house training cats, car sickness in pets, air travel, and many, many more informative articles, try these sites:

The sites listed above are just a few of the many sites on the internet that will answer your pet questions and give you information on their needs, care, and training. You will find more on our "Links" page. In addition, the vets listed on our "Veterinarians" page can help you.