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Special Fundraising Events

City Wide Yard Sale

Nip and Tuck sponsors two city wide yard sales every year, on the first Saturday in June, and the first Saturday in November. Maps of sale locations are given out at several locations in town on the day of the sale so buyers will know where to find them. Anyone wanting their location on the map pays a small fee, which benefits Nip and Tuck. Sellers can also rent central locations for a small fee, which also supports the program.

These popular sale events are advertised over a 150 mile radius and draw people from far and wide. They not only benefit Nip and Tuck, but the local residents who have things to sell.

Silent Auction
On the first Thursday in April, Local individuals and businesses gene rously donate treasures that bring bids from eager buyers. The auction is one of the most popular events of the year in Castroville and brings people together as they help promote a good cause. The American Legion of Castroville has helped to sponsor this event.

Fiorella Friday
On the first Friday of the month many of the shops and restaurants in Castroville stay open late, bands play, and vendors set up arts and crafts booths. There are wine and cheese tastings and people come from far and wide to enjoy the fun.

Nip and Tuck volunteers set up a table where they welcome the public and serve wine and information for donations that go to support the program. Gary Carter,former owner of the Castroville Cafe, a long-time supporter of Nip and Tuck